We would like to take just a moment to tell you what we are all about, and what that means for you. We are not in business because we are attorneys; we are in business because you need legal solutions. That is the distinction you will find at Walker & Peskind. We remember that we are here precisely because you have walked through our front door, presented with a problem that you need solved, or an opportunity that you want to take the fullest advantage of.

That is the client-centric philosophy that forms the cornerstone of our firm. As veterans of some of the most prominent, large firms in the nation, we know that the practices of these firms and the needs of the client are often at odds. You need premier representation that gets results. You get that, but with it comes layers of younger partners and associates – and their billings. It can all add up to so much money that, for many, the services of a premier attorney are simply out of reach.

We knew there had to be a better way. You deserve the dedicated attention of a premier attorney delivered in a cost-effective manner. Period. To accomplish that, we have created a new breed of law firm – lean, innovative, and nimble. Walker-Peskind is a growing team of seasoned, top-rated lawyers – experts in their fields – providing unsurpassed legal representation. Leveraging our experience and working within our efficient framework, we provide you with premier services at a lower cost.

When you, or your company, require outside counsel we hope that you consider the cost- effective, premier services of Walker & Peskind.